Videowork ‘The Schudas’ the schudas a.k.a. the progress / Susanne Schuda

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23.10.2015, Piątek, 19:13, 13muz, Plac Żołnierza Polskiego 2, Szczecin

the schudas-a family saga as aesthetical-political disposition_The Schudas and their neighbours are preoccupied with themselves, their only external reference point is the television. Betty Schuda is depressive, which hinders Henry Schuda‘s belief in ¬progress. The neighbours, the unemployed biochemist Hörbi and Riedl, are facing each other in indignity and disappointed expectation.

On the TV Mr. Dawn B. Destiny bandies about his views on the well-being of the paranoid society, and hosts the Death-or-Repression show, while on the other channel the reproduction of the Anti¬metabolide is accompanied by Catholic guilt explosions.

Susanne Schuda created a phantasma of her own childhood in 2D and 3D. The Internet novella in two parts "I'll lower the beds" and "the bir(d)th" are produced 2005 and 2007, the work was awarded with the marianne von willemer price of Ars Electronica Center in 2009, and was international exhibited.

(Photo: Susanne Schuda)

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