A morphing Frank Stella / Betty Riekmann, Michael Helmbrecht

Informacje o wydarzeniu

23.10.2015, Piątek, 19:13, 13muz, Plac Żołnierza Polskiego 2, Szczecin

A morphing Frank Stella, 2014_this project combines the influences of Frank Stella and James Turrell.

Inspired by the series ‘concentric squares’ by Frank Stella, in which every square frame has a different color, in my work I am trying to replace the coloring of the frames with light. To realize this, the ‘light picture’ has to take on a three-dimensional form. James Turrell was one of the first artists to color whole rooms with light, playing with and teasing our perception. These rooms lost their three-dimensional form and appeared to be like a colored canvas. I am using this phenomenon on every tier of my project, thereby losing the depth perception and making the sculpture look like a picture. Additionally, by choosing certain color combinations, the different frames of the project leap into the foreground or the background (red will jump into the foreground, blue will jump into the back ground). The ‘picture’ becomes alive.
Only by looking at it from the side will it be possible to see how it was built and realize the depth of the sculpture/picture. The picture will always be in motion with constant changes to its color combinations. This is why I chose the name ‘a morphing Frank Stella’.
An additional interesting point with this picture is that with the tremendous progress of the new LEDs (RGBW LEDs), I can create pastel-colored light and also black or grey light.
You will never see the same color combinations ever again. NEVER.

Photo © Betty Rieckmann

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