Technoviking Archive / Matthias Fritsch

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23.10.2015, Piątek, 19:13, 13muz, Plac Żołnierza Polskiego 2, Szczecin

The Technoviking Archive gives access to the research on one of the most complex & most likely the best documented Internet-Memes of the last decade. It collected the internet history of Matthias Fritsch's experimental video Kneecam No.1 from it's production in summer 2000 until the present day after it became the popular Internet Meme „Technoviking“ with more than 60 million documented clicks on the internet and, besides all the other platforms, more than four thousand directly related remixed or re-enacted video responses on YouTube. Today the archive contains far more than 3000 single units and 42 GB of data in form of images, emails, blogs, forum discussions, court documents, fan objects and a selection of video responses in more than 40 categories. 

As a collection it illustrates new ways of production and distribution within user generated networks and presents the user's strategies in remix and recycling culture. Because of a recent trial which was terminated in 2014 at Berlin's highest court, neither the original video nor the full archive are available for public anymore. The video's protagonist sued the film maker and claimed his personality rights over the artist's freedom of expression. Due to the court's verdict the plaintiff's likeness has to be removed or pixelated. Nevertheless the attention is still high on the video's countless user versions that live their own life all around the globe. Every month hundreds of new responses to the video are still published in the Internet. Fans continue to imitate the video's dramaturgy and re-enact it in their homes, in clubs and on the streets. The most recent production coming out of the Archive is a feature length film that gives an overview to this user generated universe and it's cultural context.



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