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16 grudnia otwieramy ósmą edycję festiwalu digital_ia!

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dodane: 2016-11-29

We share some ideas for digital_ia.16

We decided to continue our cooperation with The Academy of Art in Szczecin. During upcoming edition of digital_ia, we will concentrate on interactive art, that connects multimedia and real-life objects. That's why, together with the students of Multimedia and Painting faculties, we are preparing an exhibition of interactive installations, that will both provide entertainment and food for thought. 

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dodane: 2016-03-25

Exhibition open until December.

The multimedia installations shown as part of re_manufact and digital_art_now exhibitions will be available for viewers until November 28th. 

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dodane: 2015-11-04

2 days filled with digital experiences

It were dwo days filled with art and technology. We would like to thank all the artists, guests and visitors. You have proved, that our efforts paid off. We're already thinking about next edition - meanwhile you can see the exhibitions, which will be open until november 30th. 

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dodane: 2015-10-26