digital_ia is one of the few events in Poland, which tackles the issue of new media art. The festival provides a platform for presenting the latest developments on the borderline of science and art. Artists invited to come to digital_ia are the most provocative creators of contemporary cyber culture: visual and digital artists, scientists, media experts, engineers, visionaries of artificial intelligence.

Every year the event has its motto which becomes the main theme of a given edition of the festival. In recent years main themes included: techno_body (2014), bio_contact (2013), more_inter_active! (2012).

This year's exhibition titles re_manufact

The exhibition refers to the past, present and future of technological solutions and their connections. It also describes the direct relations influencing contemporary art as well as - in a broader aspect - the cultural life of societies. The processing of established entities creates new values and predictions, different perspectives on mundane existence. It tells the story of the fall of the Old and the rise of the New.

The curators of this year festival is a duo from Berlin: Felix Hardmood Beck (www.felix-beck.de) and Regina Tetens (www.regina-tetens.de), both working in the field of arts and design for many years. They are both strongly connected with ART+COM Studios (www.artcom.de) a Berlin based studio that designs and develops new media installations and spaces.